Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Wild New Movie

Today we went to see the new movie Where The Wild Things Are. It was a great movie. My dad has two friends that worked on the movie. Even though the 90-minute movie was based on a picture book that is about 20 pages long, they really captured the spirit of the book. “They really captured the emotions of a kid.” As my mom says.

Where The Wild Things Are had all the known lines like: “Please don’t go we love you so.” All of the animals in the book look exactly the same as they do in the movie. I hope that all the people that see this movie love it as much as I do!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wow! This was a crazy and long day. In the car for 8 hours and a frozen water bottle exploded all over the car and me! Well that was most of my day. Just sitting in the car, sleeping, and watching the scenery go by. Right now I’m sitting on the bed in the bed in the La Quinta Inn. Tomorrow we will get to Colorado and I’m really exited!


           I got up this morning and we ate breakfast at a place called the Flying Tortilla. I had a breakfast burrito with bacon, and it was really good! I’m still in the car at 4:40 even though we started driving at 10:00! I still can’t believe how beautiful Colorado is! It though, but it is cold it is not freezing. I’m still marveling over the trees. They are green, yellow, red, orange, and a deep purple. I have never seen trees that color in my life, since I live in Arizona most of my life and have only have seen trees brown, and sometimes green. What I’m really exited about is that it is supposed to rain and snow while we are here! I get to wear sweaters that I could only wear in the dead of winter, and this is only the fall in Colorado! As I’m looking out the window these buildings are the absolute amazing, they are so old and they are in really good condition. We are now in the hotel room, and the room is so cool!


            Today is a gray day and it was sprinkling. Hey, that rimes! Anyway, we had free breakfast at the La Quinta and it was quite good. During the breakfast we saw a brown bunny and my mom and I named it Thumper. We went outside and I got really close to it, but it ran away! Right now my family and I are driving around Boulder and looking at houses. So far I love this town. It is so cozy and old fashioned. The weather is just the same as this morning, freezing, gray, and misty. Wow, we just looked at the Boulder Aikido dojo, and it is huge! There is a shrine in the dojo, and it looks very traditional. Like I said in my last intro, about the trees is true. Still, I’m marveling over the trees. They are just so beautiful! When I look around at the scenery it feels like Forks, Washington and Edward Cullen will be climbing the trees in the mountains! After we ate lunch at a place called KT’s BBQ we stopped at a pumpkin patch and got a pumpkin that I’m going to decorate with Sharpie. Now we are going through a town called Longmont and looking at houses. My parents are ohhhing and awwwing at every house and saying how much they want to move here! Right now it is flurrying, meaning it is partly raining and partly snowing. After hanging out in the hotel room for a bit, we met up with my moms friend named Polly. We went out to dinner to a place called the Bent Fork and then went out for gelato. Even though it is no longer snowing it is 30 degrees!


Today we did not do much all. We went to breakfast at a place called Huckleberry, and I had potato latkes. After that we went to a place called Estes Park. My family and I went shopping and we went into an old-fashioned candy store and bought Lemmon Heads, Cinnamon Bears, and Rock Candy. After shopping for a while we went into anther old-fashioned shop that sells fudge and peanut brittle and tings like that. We had to buy something so my mom got some caramel corn and I got some fudge. After that we went to a restaurant called Tokyo Joes and I had a bowl of udon noodle soup with mixed veggies in it. After that my mom and I watched a movie called Paul Blart Mall Cop. By then snow were really coming down, and this time it was sticking to the roads!


            Today we went out to breakfast at the place called Huckleberry again. This time I had chicken potpie. It was quite good! Then we met up with Polly again, but this time I got to meet her husband Shawn. We went to a outlet mall and my dad bought a worry doll. My mom bought some things for the people who are taking care of Filsa. I got some mint Oreo bark. My dad, Shawn, and I go into a huge snowball fight and several times snow went down my shirt! When we all got hungry we stopped at a small café called, well, Café. My mom and I ordered French onion Soup, my mom did not tell me after I ate my soup that the broth in the soup was Buffalo! No wonder the broth tasted so funny! After stopping by the hotel room to say hello to Ruby and to drop off some things we went to dinner at a place called the Walnut Brewery. My mom and I shared chicken fried chicken, cheddar mash potatoes, and gravy. The stuff was unbelievable! It was peppery and so delish!  


            Today I’m not feeling 110%, I’m feeling 45%. I have a sore throat, and to make things worse I’m tired and I couldn’t get myself out of bed. My dad’s friends are coming to see us. my dad has not seen his friends in 20 years!